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The Scuba Show app puts the show in your hands - use it to preplan your visit, as well as during the show to get the most out of your weekend. In the app you’ll find a complete list of seminars, door prizes, films and events - tag the ones...

Shirts will be available all weekend for purchase at the info counter as you enter the exhibit hall, and also at the Saturday night party. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted....

At this year's show, attendees will have a chance to win $20,000 in door prizes! Prizes range from stays at exotic dive resorts to top-of-the-line gear. There will be drawings throughout the show, so be sure to get there early! Click here for the complete listing....

The city of Long Beach has been host to the SCUBA Show for the last quarter century. The show has become a big event and they welcome the people who come to exhibit from around the world. Over the last number of years Long Beach's convenion area district has become a fantastic destination. The beautiful shoreline area, right across...

The Continuous film festival is a popular event at SCUBA Show. The films, submitted by professional and amatuer videographers, run on a published schedule all day, each day of the show. They are shown on a monster screen in one of the few seating areas in the exhibit hall. We welcome your submission. We look for the...

For SCUBA Show 2012 diving's manufacturers and destinations worldwide provided over $20,000 in door prizes. Each door prize was valued over $500, with some as high as $1,900. Drawings were held every hour for lucky attendees. For SCUBA Show 2013 we are still accepting door prize applications from industry companies, and it appears that the value...

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