What is Scuba Diving?

2019 SCUBA Show

As an understatement, diving is an interesting activity. It can be hard to explain because it will be different for you than it is for someone else.

For many it is an opportunity to travel the globe. There are thousands of dive sites in countries and islands all over the world, many known as dedicated dive destinations. And it is right here at home. California has world-class diving right off the beaches, and by charter boats that will take you offshore and to the nearby islands. California is famous for its beautiful kelp forests and marine sanctuaries teeming with life, and shipwrecks with history. The state has hundreds of dive sites. A look at the Scuba Show’s Exhibitor list and the links to the destinations and resorts will tell the travel part of the story.

Many people dive to experience as many underwater environments as possible. The coral reefs are different in the western and eastern hemispheres. So is the variety of marine life that you will encounter. On one dive on a coral reef you will see thousands of fish and invertibrates. It is an aquarium. Or you can go to swim with whale sharks, a gentle fish that feeds on plankton and is the size of a school bus. And you can go to dive with sharks. Yes, shark diving has become a very popular diving activity. It is safe, sharks are magnificent and you will surface with a very different perspective about a lot of things, including about yourself.

Diving can be as easy as you want. Some of the the best diving in the world is in 30 feet of water, with visibility that seems unlimited. Or you can get into specialties like underwater photography and video, underwater hunting, wall diving, deep diving, wreck diving, night diving…

And diving is a family activity. While technology has distanced us and keeps us indoors, not many things can connect parents and kids the way this does. The connection is both the ‘cool factor’ and being in the natural world on this scale. Diving can connect generations. You can be ten or you can be 80. Today we see grandparents experiencing diving with their sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters.

And diving is a different kind of social. It is hard to explain the bond between divers. Maybe it’s the shared love of nature on such a unique and emotional scale. Maybe it’s the love of being outdoors in a place that so few people get to experience. Divers are likeminded in something that is fun and good.

And for many, diving becomes a lifelong passion. You will never come up from a dive without a smile.

Learning to dive is made easy by your local dive retailers. They are everywhere and nearby, so it is convenient. They will teach you to dive, rent and sell you the equipment, and take you around the world if you want.

Is diving for everyone? No. But if you want to know if it has something for you, the Scuba Show is the place to come. You can attend seminars, learn all about the equipment, see hundreds of diving’s best destinations, and talk to people in an industry that have a shared passion, and want to share it with you.

Diving changes lives. We hope to see you here.

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