In Their Words

From a Survey of Past Attendees


Q: What Was the Best Part of the SCUBA Show?

Checking out the latest gadgets. Running into all dive buddies I hadn’t seen for a while.

This year I needed to purchase a new BC so it was advantageous for me talk with the different reps and hear the advantages as well as shortfalls for their lineup of BCDs. After receiving their input I felt better about making a better choice of the BCD I liked.

Wife and I enjoyed the interactive art together. She told she liked the cooking demos. In the past I’ve really enjoyed the seminars and acting as a volunteer for a few hours

Being among divers of like mind and sharing knowledge.

The information about the destinations, the deals and the prizes. Keep it rolling.

Just being among all the divers and dive enthusiasts.

Wandering convention floor. Talking diving. Would have like to attend more seminars, but didn’t have the time.

Loved the entire show. I met some great people and I’m really looking forward on traveling to some of the incredible destinations that were present.

The ability to see, touch and compare dive equipment. This is a great help in deciding which gear to buy.

The diversity of the vendors, and any booth with dive related clothing. I loved being able to talk with the helpful and informative travel representatives most importantly.

The seminars and the floor show. Learning more about scuba from experts is important and learning about the latest gear and travel destinations is important.

Very nice people and I will attend two days next year. Not enough time to just donate one day.

I go mainly for the seminars, but the exhibit hall is a close second.

Discovering new gear that I wasn’t even aware was out (specifically, new lights), and having the chance to see new cameras and housings.

It’s a great place, great people, seeing old friends
Learning new things, seeing everything under one roof
It doesn’t get better than that!!!!
I love this show
I go every year and I wouldn’t miss it for the world

Being around the good people and having a common interest.


I like that it’s only an hour + flight I can visit friends and check out the latest equipment

We love learning about new dive destinations. Everyone is so friendly and full of information.

Just keep it coming. Long Beach is about 65 miles away from home but well worth the visit. I got hooked into scuba diving in 1963 and finally had to get certified in 1988 as we started to go oversea destination where they started to demand to see our certification.

We had a great time and my husband won a free regulator!

I enjoy the show, it gives me the opportunity to view products that I can only see on the internet, My local dive shop can’t stock everything and with many of the big stores closing, it is hard to view a larger selection of scuba gear and supplies. You also learn good information about different products, you have good training information.

Please continue to present the shows as we look forward to going every year!!! The only time we have missed the show is when we’ve been on a dive vacation. The Scuba Show has become our yearly family event (Now that are daughters are in their twenties and no longer home every day), the girls boyfriends have even gotten into it as well!!!!

My first show, bu won’t be my last. Made some new contacts and new dive buddies. Looking forward to next year. Thanks for putting on such a great event.

I first learned of the show while staying at Voli Voli in Fiji last year and it sounded like it would be a fun informative event. It was exactally that.

Loved the location and the convenience of the hotel. Definitely coming again next year and spending more time in the area. This was just a spur of the moment weekend trip from Utah!

My husband and I enjoy the Scuba Show every year and hopefully will continue to go to it for many years to come.

Can’t get enough