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Why you should consider exhibiting here?

Scuba Show has been held in California for 36 years. In terms of the number of exhibitors and attendees, it is the largest consumer dive show in the United States.

Scuba Show is held in the Los Angeles Convention Center, a world-class LEED Gold certified venue in the premier entertainment district of Los Angeles. The show draws thousands of attendees from the West Coast and beyond. Attendees come to learn about their options – and to become your customers.

The promotion for this year’s show will exceed any in the past. Scuba Show has been America’s largest consumer dive expo for years. We are committed to keeping this the best show produced. Scuba Show is must-see for attendees – that makes it a must-do for exhibitors.

Why is Scuba Show in California?

California is a strong market. It is:

  • #1 in the number of divers. Southern California has the largest concentration of divers in the world.
  • #1 each year in the number of dive certifications.
  • #2 in the number of dive retailers.
  • The country’s largest market for dive equipment sales.
  • A market of heavy dive travelers. California is the #1 state for dive arrivals into Pacific destinations, and the #1 to #3 state for dive arrivals into Caribbean destinations, depending on the island/area.
  • A very affluent audience.

More than California, attendance at Scuba Show is regional. Attendees come in from the Western states of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Washington and Oregon. The show markets heavily to that:

50% of attendees come in from what would be considered ‘local markets’ of Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and Ventura County. The other half come in far from the south (San Diego) to the North (to San Francisco) in California, and from the other western states.

The following numbers are from a survey that was conducted after the 2023 Scuba Show:

  • 81% said they attended the show to see new gear.
  • 75% said that they wanted to see dive destinations.
  • 37% said they decided to purchase dive equipment as a result of the show, with 22% still considering.
  • 32% decided to travel to a specific destination as a result of the show, with 35% still considering.
There is high satisfaction among industry’s exhibitors. Please ask your friends what they think about Scuba Show.



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