The Best Reason to Attend

Scuba Show is coming soon, and we like to give good reasons that encourage you to attend. Here is what I think is the best reason: 

There is no question that diving is a unique activity, and the best place to realize that is at a gathering like this. People might go to a car show because they love cars, and the buyers and sellers and gawkers have cars in common. This is different; scuba diving isn’t a product like that. It’s an escape. And it revolves around marine environments, and our individually intimate connections to that other world. And for many, it is even life changing. So, in that regard, the people all around you at a scuba diving convention are the same; the assembling is a shared passion. 

For a better appreciation of this, consider the vantage point of the people who come to exhibit their products, places and services to you. Obviously for them the show is an expensive and time-consuming outing, especially since the majority come from far away—many from very far away. If you have a chance to ask some of the exhibitors about their histories, most of them will say they got into diving for the same reason that you did—it is something they loved. Then, they found a way to make a living doing it. In turn, what they offer is a way to connect you with what we are all passionate about. So all’s in sync. As you talk to exhibitors about their products, services or destinations, listen beyond their words, and even watch the way your enthusiasm turns back around and touches them. 

As the producer, I get the benefit of the observations of outsiders. The show’s long-time decorator, who deals with lots of events, makes it a point every year to tell me that the exhibitors at this show are the nicest, happiest group of people that he deals with. The convention center staff always compliments the nature of the attendees (divers) as the best of any show they do. 

Before business is even conducted here, it’s a special atmosphere. That is the best reason. We hope you’ll come and add to that this year. 

— Mark Young


Note: You know by now that the 2024 show has moved to the Los Angeles Convention Center. For information about the move, click here.

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