Watch our most highly requested seminars on demand

Watch our most highly requested seminars on demand

We’d like to send a big thank you to all of our amazing speakers and emcee Greg Holt from ScubaRadio! Don’t forget to connect with exhibitors and browse the Product Showcase!

New this year – Why Divers Die: A Review of Diving Fatalities in 2020

Karl Huggins, Ken Kurtis and Captain John Kades have updated their very popular seminar on the facts and lessons learned form 2020 California diving facilities. This prerecorded session premiered on our Facebook page on May 22, 2022.

Presented by Karl Huggins, Ken Kurtis and L.A. Coroner John Kades

Last year’s session: Dive Accidents 2020: What We Learned From Five Incidents.

Presented by Karl Huggins, Ken Kurtis and L.A. Coroner John Kades with emcee Greg Holt from ScubaRadio.

When there is a scuba fatality in Los Angeles County, the Office of Medical Examiner-Corner is charged with finding out why. Sometimes it’s medically related, many times it’s diver error, but all fatalities are thoroughly investigated to determine what went wrong. In this very popular panel discussion, you will get an overview of the Coroner’s work.

2019 was a record-setting year in LA County as there were ZERO dive fatalities, so five actual cases from the recent past will be presented — three fatalities, and two that were successfully treated at the chamber. For each, the panel will cover the accident, the attempted or successful treatment of the victim at the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, what the accident analysis discovered, and what the takeaway lessons are.

It is said that the wise man learns from the mistakes of others and divers of all experience levels can learn lessons from these tragedies that could truly prevent a death in the future.

Safety and Practical Issues for the Older Diver

Presented by Dan Orr with emcee Greg Holt from ScubaRadio.

This presentation is a review of how the normal aging process affects diver safety, and what every diver should know about risk and risk mitigation to improve their safety, regardless of age.

When taking stock of our physical abilities and capabilities as we age there are absolutes that divers should be familiar with. The good news is that with age, usually comes wisdom and that improved judgment and reasoning can help you compensate for most negative body function changes. Knowing that we will have some level of impairment as we age brings us to how we can make accommodations and still dive safely. Aging is a fact of life but how we handle growing older can make the difference between enjoying diving well into our Golden Years and having to prematurely hang up our fins.

Diving in the Era of COVID-19

Presented by Douglas Ebersole, MD, with emcee Greg Holt from ScubaRadio.

The world is currently dealing with a generation-defining pandemic in COVID-19 that has affected all aspects of our lives. This includes both our ability to enjoy the sport we love and the diving industry as a whole. Dr. Douglas Ebersole, a cardiology consultant to Divers Alert Network who contracted and has recovered from COVID-19, will provide an overview of the presentation and pathophysiology of the virus and its complications as well as discussing ways the diving industry will need to change in terms of disinfecting gear, providing safe dive training, and assuring a safe environment for crew and customers on dive charters.

Finally, the presentation will provide a framework for divers who have contracted the virus to safely return to diving.

Getting Back into the Water with Your Camera System

Presented by Marty Snyderman, with emcee Greg Holt from ScubaRadio.

Every underwater photographer on the planet is anxious to get back into the water as soon as it is safely possible. That is a “no brainer”. But getting back into the water and being smart about the way you go about it can be the difference between great shots and disappointing results. Being thoughtful about your “re-entry” approach can also help you keep your camera system in good working order. Marty’s seminar will help you get your head back into the photographic game.

Marty will also share his thoughts and some suggested techniques regarding the four exposure scenarios we all find ourselves in when creating photographs underwater.

In short, Marty will help you “knock the rust off” of your photographic thinking and techniques to help you get back into the water with a solid photographic game plan.

Southern California’s Best Beach Dives

Presented by Dale and Kim Sheckler, with emcee Greg Holt from ScubaRadio.

With foreign travel temporarily restricted, more divers are yearning to find their way into California waters. Beach diving along the Southern California Coast­line has always been fun and easy, and you can even avoid the crowds (both divers and non-divers) if you know where to go. This seminar, given by the authors of the popu­lar book Southern California’s Best Beach Dives, will touch upon some of these hidden treasures. The popular seminar will include what you can expect above and below the water, marine life encounters, and tips on how to make your beach dives as enjoy­able as possible.



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