Tourism Fiji

Tourism Fiji

Tourism Fiji is the Fijian government’s tourism marketing arm and is responsible for promoting Fiji as a visitor destination around the world. Fiji’s 333 picture perfect tropical islands and stunning coral reefs and thriving marine eco-system are why divers recognize Fiji as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”. Fiji is the perfect place for divers of all levels and interests. Just a 10 hour, overnight flight from LA, Fiji is also easy to reach. Fiji’s borders remain closed to all international travelers, and we hope that Americans will be able to return to our paradise when the time is right


Since the declaration of the COVID-19 as a global pandemic, the Fijian government implemented effective measure with adaptation of contact-tracing application, border and quarantine protocols and all communications around social distancing and proper sanitization, and with recent developments around COVID-19 vaccination rollout to ensure the target population is vaccinated. The Fijian tourism industry adopted to the Care Fiji Commitment, a WHO- approved standard of best practice health and safety measures designed to align the tourism industry to safe travel norms in a post- COVID world. Fiji was recognized as “Safe Travels” destination by World Travel & Tourism Council. With the Care Fiji Commitment program in place, visitors can be rest assured to be welcomed with the same Fijian BULA SPIRIT when the time is right

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