Buddy Dive Resorts

Buddy Dive Resorts

An unhurried, unspoiled natural paradise with spectacular sunsets, gentle breezes, and crystal clear, turquoise waters

Buddy Dive is a resort where you can dive, take part in a multitude of activities or just sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Our personable staff, spacious accommodation and a dive operation that has something for every diver make your holiday worry-free. No matter which apartment you are staying in, you’re never further than a giant stride away from our beautiful ocea


Bonaire is open for travelers from all countries*. This means that you can finally book your stay at Buddy Dive Resort and enjoy the vacation you deserve. Needless to say, your buddies on Bonaire are ready for you and cannot wait to welcome you again. You can find all requirements for traveling to and from Bonaire here: https://buddydive.com/covid-19-updates/ and here: https://www.bonairecrisis.com/en/travel-to-bonaire/



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