Underwater Kinetics: Aqualite System

Never dive without a light. The Underwater Kinetics Aqualite system of lights and accessories allows you see the full spectrum of colors in marine life and bring back memories as you saw them underwater. The 1200 lumen Aqualite PRO 100 lights the full wide angle coverage of a GoPro® camera while the Aqualite PRO 20 delivers a piercing beam for scanning the reef day or night. Adjust to four brightness leves with an easy knob. For economy minded divers the 500 lumen Aqualite S90 is great for videos and the Aqualite S20 is perfect for checking under ledges. Get it with the hands-free hand mount! Each Aqualite is rechargeable from any USB power source. Both video lights include a 1” ball mount for attachment to photo arms as well as adapters for poles or accessories. Ultraviolet dive enthusiasts can search the reef without a filter using our UV395 lamp head.

Underwater Kinetics
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