Submersible Systems, Inc. Spare Air 6 cubic foot

Spare Air’s BIG BROTHER – 6.0 cu.ft. of Life-Saving Air!Spare Air is the original emergency breathing device for out-of-air emergencies. Celebrating 40 years & introducing the new Spare Air 600 – twice the capacity of Spare Air 300. Weighing less than 4 lbs, it’s the lightest system on the market & priced competitively.
  • Refillable from a scuba tank or air compressor
  • Easy to Travel with• Comes with Refill Adapter, Holster & Safety Leash
  • For self-rescue or to pass to another diver in an emergency
  • With 4 Spare Air models to choose from, now there is a model for every diver! Spare Air is the Diver’s Reserve Parachute.

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