Submersible Systems: EasyDive Compact Dive & Snorkel Set

Whether you’re shooting underwater photos, hunting for lobsters, or working on your boat below the surface, EasyDive provides 15-20 minutes of air for your underwater adventures! Includes the New Snorkelator – a patented technology combining the snorkel and regulator info a single mouthpiece. Switch from snorkel to regulator with the flick of a switch. Why purchase a scuba package weighing over 50 lbs, and costing over $1000, when you can get the EasyDive kit for only 15lbs and $550. Kit includes:
9 cubic foot yellow cylinder
Custom Harness
Unique Tank Valve/First Stage Regulator Combo
2nd Stage Regulator
Mini pressure gauge attached on a high-pressure hose
Air compressor refill adapter (allows you to trans-fill the unit from a high-pressure air compressor at a dive shop or on a dive boat)
Drawstring carrying/storage bag

Submersible Systems
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