SubGravity Vadose Frameless Mask

Our Vadose frameless mask is low profile, giving the diver a super wide field of view. By increasing your peripheral vision, you will be able to remain more aware of your surroundings and team dive. Combine the low profile design with premium TRU CLEAR tempered glass, and it is not hard to see why this mask will quickly become your favorite dive mask.

The Vadose mask features a double seal, using soft, form-fitting silicone on the mask skirt, which means that it is less likely to leak during your dive (not to mention being comfortable!). Durable buckles and the frameless design mean that the Vadose is less susceptible to damage during use, in your pocket as a backup mask or during transport.

Complies with the American National Standard Z86.11-1985 & European standard EN 16805:2015 (CE).

Booth #708, 710

Sending our sincerest condolences to all those in our extended scuba diving family affected by recent tragic events off both US coasts — the California dive charter boat Conception fire and the hurricane devastating parts of the Bahamas.