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ScubaPro Galileo HUD

The new Galileo Heads Up Display (HUD) computer is a massive leap forward in computer diving that will forever change the way you dive. Attaching to your mask, the revolutionary Galileo HUD computer offers convenient hands-free data monitoring and excellent readability of all necessary dive information. Using precision near-eye optics, the Galileo HUD computer’s floating display features a micro OLED screen image for easier readability that appears at a virtual distance of one meter in front of you, wherever you happen to look so you can experience more of your dive. Single-knob user control allows you to easily access menus and personalize settings for any dive. The Galileo HUD computer is rechargeable and all dive data is stored and accessible via Bluetooth or USB to sync with a dive log mobile app.


Find it at Scuba Show Booth #445, 447, 449