ScubaDoRag – ScubaGoodHood

The ScubaGoodHood extends the benefits of the ScubaDoRag, offering the same high visibility, hair containment, relief from your mask strap and sun protection, especially for on-the-surface snorkelers and kayakers. It serves as a protective liner inside a diver’s neoprene hood, covering the ears and neck. It features an elongated neck and bib that can be tucked comfortably under a wet suit. The ScubaGoodHood provides protection from thimble jellies, sea lice, and other waterborne parasites. Like the ScubaDoRag, the lightweight liner hold is cut and sewn from quick-drying, high performance fabrics that maintain their color and shape. Used frequently for cold water diving, the liners make it easier to put on a neoprene hood.

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