We are what others copy! We are the original! Tame the Mane with ScubaDoRag, the diving hat, head covering for sun protection, fashion and hair management. Made in America, the ScubaDoRag diving hat is a patented head covering that serves scuba divers in several practical ways. As a hair wrap, it contains and holds hair away from the face during underwater activity. Made of high-performance fabrics of vibrant colors and distinctive prints, it provides high visibility at great depths and on the surface of the water, a great feature. ScubaDoRag is for diving, sun protection, hair management, and fashion for active lifestyles that is American Made. The diver’s cap covers the ears and protects hair from entangling with mask and tank valve, and it also provides protection from the sun and other elements. The ScubaDoRag contains a hidden pocket for storing charms, a room key, identification, or a tip for a favorite divemaster. It has proven popular with jet-skiers, kayakers, and boating enthusiasts as well and can be seen increasingly wherever outdoor games and activities take place. Great for boho-chic fashion, Pilates, yoga, cycling, martial arts and protecting hair color from the sun. The popular head covering also functions as a chemo cap for cancer patients. Accept no substitute! For longer hair, the Ragtails can be tied over and under the ponytail and stuffed into the Secret Compartment in the Stingray PouchTM. Our high-performance colorful print fabrics are moisture-wicking and quick to dry, sun-protective and feel oh so good on your skin. ScubaDoRags pair well in print and function with our other products such as ScubaTubeSocks and ScubaTubeSocks Super Size. Like adult Garanimals, choose prints easy to find in your gear bag and, everyone starts to know you by your print. Great to be spotted on the surface too by what you are wearing on your head and a great way to remember who’s who underwater. After 20 minutes underwater, everyone starts looking the same so good to be seen!
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