OCEAN REEF Inc – APA & RD40-22mm

Adapter to connect full face snorkeling masks to filters with the aim of transforming the snorkeling mask, into a personal protection mask.

The APA (and the RD40-22mm) with a certified and properly installed filter, can assist in the filtration of breathable air and reduce the inhalation of contaminants.

APA adaptor has a non-return valve, so only fresh air passes through the filter and only filtered air enters into the mask.

The exhausted air has a different channel and it is expelled from the lower part of the mask, where another non-return valve ensures air will only exit from there.

(In the open source project is also available the design of the Exhausted Valve Cover 22mm: an another adaptor made to filter the exhaled air).

Our snorkeling masks breathing technology is patented and certified. The airflow and the CO2 levels are tested and safe.

The converted mask is a reusable and cleanable full-face shield.

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