Kraken Sports Solar Flare Mini 15000

The Solar Flare Mini has been upgraded with a new LED, and new batteries, which means it’s now 15000 lumens! We’ve added a burst mode also if triggered by a fiber optic cable it will strobe at 18000 lumens! The Solar Flare Mini uses the latest in LED technology. Utilizing a COB LED gives it the perfect colour temperature (CRI92) and a very smooth even beam with no hot spots. Exactly what you need to capture the perfect underwater video! Easily swap batteries between dives by simply unscrewing the head and slipping in a new battery. Charge up to 2 batteries at a time with the included USB C PD GaN charger, there is an extra USB port also to charge your phone, tablet, camera, or dive torch. This enables you to travel with a lot less clutter! This light is remote control ready, all you have to do is purchase the Kraken remote and you can control up to two lights without having to remove your hand from your tray! The Solar Flare Mini also has a waterproof head so if you do flood the light, the LED, and the electronics inside the head are safe.
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