Intova: ConneX

Designed for anyone in a marine environment, CONNEX underwater camera features a waterproof HD hardwire port that allows connection to an optional cable, up to 300 feet, that provides live view on a remote LCD monitor.

ConneX has all the features of a traditional action camera, plus a proprietary cable system that delivers uninterrupted power to the camera, and provides a live video feed to the screen of your choice. A waterproof remote control offers new versatility for this rugged outdoor camera. The camera also floats (very important for watersports) and has the longest battery life in the industry.

Whether operating in freshwater or on the open seas, the innovative ConneX system gives you the flexibility to watch fish, inspect your boat, survey the bottom, or check your tackle, all from your onboard marine electronics display, or our new 7-inch monitor.

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