FRESH-AIRE Safety Snorkel

Fresh-Aire safety Snorkel is the First innovation to Snorkels since the dry-top. Inclusion of an additional 1-way valve before the mouthpiece blocks the waste gasses from going back up the breathing tube. Rather they’re diverted down and out through the bottom gravity valve, just as a scuba regulator delivers pure, fresh air with every breath.

As a Surface Air Consumption trainer, users increase dive times by practicing slow, deep, rhythmic breathing recommended for diving.

1-way valve blocks recirculation of waste CO 2 exhaled. No dead airspace means no CO2 headaches or nausea.

No reduced 02 from bad air means no tired, depleted feeling.

Dry top excludes flooding when submerged.
Fresh-Aire valve addition blocks recirculateing used breaths. Gravity valve automatically drains half of a flooded snorkel.
No CO 2 headache or nausea.
No more “Blast Clearing”.
No low p 02 confusion.
No dead airspace.
Mask-keeper hinged squeeze opening clip locks securely.
Low price; high profit.
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Sending our sincerest condolences to all those in our extended scuba diving family affected by recent tragic events off both US coasts — the California dive charter boat Conception fire and the hurricane devastating parts of the Bahamas.