DUSLATE is the world’s first electronic writing board that works at the depths of up to 60 meters (200 ft.) and can be used by any scuba divers instead of regular plastic slates. Although there is a system of hand signals that every diver should know, sometimes dive slates are required to communicate more complicated messages and DUSLATE is the best solution for this purpose. It also facilitates scuba instructors and divemasters-led scuba diving courses.

DUSLATE is a revolutionary device in the diving world, featuring for the first time use of a cholesteric display for underwater application. The main advantages of a cholesteric display are its low weight, high image contrast, and extremely low power consumption.

DUSLATE family includes DUSLATE mini which is currently available to consumers and DUSLATE Pro which will be available for distribution later this year.

DUSLATE mini is a beautiful device that ensures easy communication between scuba divers. It is conveniently sized and can be easily pocket (for instance, BCD) or bag stocked, or affixed to equipment.

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