Dive Xtras: Piranha

With a history of tough, reliable, often imitated, but never copied DPVs, Dive Xtras is proud to announce the release of the Piranha. The Piranha is a compact, lightweight, and powerful vehicle that gives users the ability to change the amount of power and burn time to suit their needs. Weighing just 25lb. ready to dive and providing over two hours of run time out of the box, the Piranha truly is a revolution.

The Piranha brings reliability and a 600 foot depth rating to divers of all skill levels. Out of the box the Piranha is neutral in fresh and salt water using “easy Trim” weight plates. The Piranha’s modular body gives the diver many options for battery usage, burn time, and weight. The dive can add as many battery sections as they want or simply change out batteries on the surface and hop back in the water.

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