360Heros: 360Abyss v4

The 360Abyss v4, is an electronic, automated underwater dive housing for creating 360 video and 360 photos. Already a premier solution for content creators and divers, the camera housing incorporates electronics for simultaneous camera control and new features for improving 360 video workflow. The built in Bullet360 control board system enables users to simultaneously operate the rig’s six GoPro™ cameras by plugging them into an internal wired interface. The system is triggered magnetically and features controls for turning cameras on and off and firing the camera shutter buttons for both video and photos underwater. The magnetic control also triggers an on-board buzzer set to go off three seconds into recording to provide an automated audio sync signal to help align multiple video frames in post production. The 360Abyss v4 dive housing is rated to 1,000 meters and certified to 500 meters with neutral buoyancy in salt water.

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