Sea Robin Cozumel

Sea Robin Cozumel

The History of Sea Robin Cozumel
After diving Cozumel for over 20 years, Allen and his wife Robin decided they needed to own a local dive operation in Cozumel.

Having dove with Eduardo for several years, the three of them hatched a plan to start an operation that would provide divers with the best possible diving experience on the island.

Being avid divers, they knew what they wanted:

small, fast boats
top-notch Dive Masters
the ability to dive any dive sites


We want to ensure our divers that we are taking all necessary precautions to make your next dive trip with us an enjoyable experience. The great advantage about the sport of Scuba Diving is that we are in and under the water for much of the time you are with us. In summary, this is inherently social distancing and a win for you.