Sherwood Scuba: Triton Scuba Fin

Power, performance, and comfort. That is why you use the Triton Fins. The Triton Fins take a traditionally designed power fin to the next level. Utilizing 100% Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU), the Triton Fins offer more comfort and flexibility than their predecessors. This proven design provides tremendous power and performance, but reduces the risk of leg or foot cramps. Upgrade the fin even more with the Sherwood Scuba stainless steel fin straps.

• Three vents between the foot pocket and blade provide additional thrust on the down kick and decrease drag on the up kick or recovery.
• Foot pocket shape and size derived from years of research to satisfy the most exacting requirements for comfort and power.
• Fin is positively buoyant and floats.

Sherwood Scuba
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