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Adventus International Inc. is a OEM / ODM manufacturer and importer. Ocean Safari Outdoors is a full-service scuba diving training school and outdoor lifestyle center, serving the Los Angeles & San Gabriel Valley community since 1993.


Ocean Safari Dive Courses & Seminars: Join Ocean Safari's distinguished staff and instructors in learning about diving in an innovative, engaging setting. On top of our first-rate certification courses, we have a diversity of classes that can open new avenues to explore the ocean and your diving career.

Ocean Safari Blog: Keep yourself current on Ocean Safari's newest seminars, trips, and events! Here, we post all the newest updates and happenings, so check back frequently!

Ocean Safari Overseas Trip: Come with Ocean Safari to explore the deepest reaches of the globe from the warm waters of the Forgotten Islands, Indonesia to the icy diving in the waters of Iceland. We'll take you to wondrous places not only in the water, but also on land where cultures and new experiences run rich.

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