All-day seminars passes are $25 at the door, while discounted day and weekend packages are available online for a limited time. Click here to find out more.

(Many seminars are free to the public and do not require a seminar pass. These are agencies doing member updates or diving companies explaining their products and services.)

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History, adventure, marine life, diving physiology, underwater photography, local dive spots, foreign travel, seafood preparation, marine conservation and more. The speakers know their topics and love to share them with you. Seminars are very popular with show-goers. We left the 2016 lineup posted below for you to see the variety and quality of topics that you can expect at this year’s show.

Among the 2017 seminars, NAUI will reestablish it’s ICUE (International Conference on Underwater Education) with a two day series of seminar topics. The ICUE is available to anyone with an interest in diiver education, regardless of their certification level or affiliation. Seminars will vary in complexity, from highly technical for advanced instructors to general information useful to all divers.

Admission to the ICUE seminars is included in the price of the Day Pass.

The 2017 seminar program is coming together. The full lineup will be posted in mid-February. Here is your preview:

Panel Discussion ‐ Why Divers Die; Delving into LA County Scuba Fatalities in 2016 *Up Close and Personal: Approaching Shy Marine Life * Diving History from the Bottom Up * How to Utilize Weather and Conditions Forecasting Tools in Dive Planning * Diving California’s Channel Islands *The Healthy Diver 2017 * Shooting Local: From Lackluster to Legendary * Does Scuba Diving Have a Retirement Age? * The Incredible Leopard Shark * Northern California’s Best Beach Dives * Tips to be a Prepared Traveler * U/W Camera Repair, Maintenance and Avoiding Costly Mistakes * How the Diving Industry Works, a Consumer’s Perspective * Video Storytelling * Diving with California’s Sharks * Coastal Flavor: Enjoy the Bounty of California Waters…And more

Among the IQUE sessions – Diver Fatalities-Lessons Learned * Rebreather Testing in Antarctica * Lionfish Venom: Cardiovascular, Neuromuscular, Cytotoxic, and Immunologic Effects * Amazing Polar Diving Adaptations * Two Decades of Deep Stop Training * The gas diffusion among bubbles and the decompression sickness risk… And more

Below is a look at the Sunday seminars that were presented at the 2016 SCUBA SHOW –

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2016 SCUBA SHOW Sunday Free Seminars & Workshop schedule

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