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The SCUBA Show is America’s largest consumer dive expo. We like to call it the best gathering above sea level.

At the Scuba Show, you get to see all of diving’s possibilities at one time, in one place. Perfect for divers with any level of experience, and people who want to learn about diving, the Scuba Show is the place for anyone to discover and appreciate the magic of diving. There’s no better way to connect with diving – at least not on dry land!

Take some time to join us for the 35th annual Scuba Show. Not only is there plenty to learn about the world of diving, you just might be introduced to something that will forever change your life.

Over 76,000 square feet of exhibit space, 300+ exhibitors, seminars, clinics hosted by industry experts, a 15,000 gallon heated pool, and much more!


Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, California


Saturday and Sunday
May 30 and 31st, 2020


We all know California offers a lot topside: It’s a state full of sunny weather, beaches, culinary delights, attractions for any interest and natural beauty galore. But if you’ve never experienced this state from below the surface, you’re missing out on one of the best parts.

California is an underwater treasure, unique in the diving world for it’s marine life, the number and sheer diversity of its diving locations, and its underwater beauty. California is known for its ethereal kelp forests, sassy garibaldis, playful sea lions and giant black sea bass, just to name a few.

There’s plenty of beach diving in and around the Long Beach area. And just a quick hop from Long Beach on a ferry or dive boat, the Channel Islands offer spectacular dive sites.

Whether you’re staying for a week or just making a quick day trip, the city of Long Beach offers a myriad of dining options, entertainment and of course, the beach. And if you’re looking to explore beyond the city limits, it’s conveniently located near Los Angeles and under three hours south San Diego or north to Santa Barbara, with plenty of beach towns worth stopping for in between.


For many, becoming a scuba diver is a life changing experience. The feeling you get underwater is comparable to weightlessness in outer space. In fact, it’s how astronauts train for their missions! Diving can take you to destinations near and far you’ve never dreamed of visiting, or add a new element of fun to places you already know well. And since 71% of our Earth is covered by water, the possibilities are virtually endless.

We’re bringing an 15,000-gallon heated pool into the exhibit hall. Bring a friend or two that have never been diving, or jump in yourself! Kids 10+ welcome. We provide the gear and professionals – just bring your suit and towel. It’s free!