SubGravity: Diamond Side Mount System

The SubGravity DIAMOND side mount diving system was developed and tested by the best cave divers, used during our explorations on Yucatan, Florida and other areas of the world. There are three bladder access ports, each of them can be used either for inflator or OPV/dump valve or can be plugged. 3D inner bladder keeps the inflated DIAMOND wing flat, not allowing it to a “balloon up” on your back. It is available in three different lift capacities:
S = 18 lbs (80 N)
M = 22.5 lbs (100 N)
L = 29 lbs (130 N)

INCLUDED with complete DIAMOND system:

1x complete DIAMOND harness https://www.sub-gravity.com/product/harness-for-hudu-sidemount/
1x DIAMOND wing S, M or L https://www.sub-gravity.com/product/wing-for-diamond-sidemount/
1x T-weight system, small https://www.sub-gravity.com/product/weight-system-for-diamond-sidemount/
2x trim pocket https://www.sub-gravity.com/product/trim-weight-pocket/

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