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Shearwater Research Teric

The Teric is an everyday time piece that comes loaded with all the capabilities divers have come to expect from Shearwater and much more. The Teric has a rich, full color AMOLED screen providing a highly visible, bright and vivid display. It also comes with an all new Free Diving mode that has programmable sampling rates, configurable haptic and audible alarms and improved ascent and descent rate indicators. As with the Perdix AI and the NERD 2, the Teric can connect with up to two wireless tank pressure transmitters.

The Teric is also a highly capable multigas trimix dive computer that can be used for Open-Circuit and Closed Circuit diving with a fixed ppO2. The Teric has a higher degree of end user configurability than previous Shearwater dive computers. Additionally it comes with a tilt compensated 3D compass. The Teric has a rechargeable battery and includes a wireless inductive charger.

Shearwater Research 
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