Ocean Technology Systems MilCom 6000D Wireless Diver Unit

The MILCOM 6000D Wireless Diver Communication Unit takes wireless communication performance to the next level for all your professional diving needs. Its specifically designed rechargeable Lithium-ion battery boasts more power for greater range, up to 14 hour run time and significantly improved overall battery lifespan, ensuring that the MILCOM 6000D will keep you connected when you need it. Looking for added communication security? Look no further. With the MILCOM 6000D’s all-new Scrambler Mode, wireless communications can now be discreetly and more securely transmitted for the first time in wireless communication history. Tack on additional features such as Voice Menu to change settings on the fly, a new “Extra Loud” Voice Menu option, improved mounting and strain reliefs, and more replaceable components for serviceability, the MILCOM 6000D is truly the next generation of Wireless Diver Communications.

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