Light & Motion Sola Dive 2500 S/F

Sola Dive 2500 S/F is the most versatile underwater lighting solution available. Besting any ultra-compact dive light with performance and reliability, the hands-free mount can easily be removed and replaced with imaging mounts on a camera setup for ultimate utility.

-2500 lumen flood and 1200 lumen spot output certified to the FL-1 Standard
-Regulated output ensures light does not dim in use; custom firmware keeps lumens consistent
-Easily toggle between 12º spot and 60º flood beams with one-touch switch
-Custom optics produce a clean beam void of distracting hot spots or harsh edges
-Colored Status LED for battery and mode indication for easy power management
-Factory sealed body ensures flood-free performance and long-term reliability
-Full recharge in 1 hr 45 min with exclusive FC (Fast Charge) technology
-Travel-friendly design with minimal weight or bulk approved for carry-on and check-in luggage
-Included universal hand strap mounts securely on wrist with or without gloves for hands-free mobility

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