What we enjoy most is exploring the underwater world. If you’re like us, you know how cool it is to share your diving experiences with people on land. But you also know how complicated filming can be, how it limits your freedom underwater—and freedom is why we dive in the first place.
With iBubble, we’re designing the first intelligent, user-friendly, and completely autonomous diving drone. Thanks to our patented underwater localization technology, iBubble follows you and films entire diving sessions, hands-free.
iBubble opens a whole new world of filming opportunities. You will create shots that were, until today, only accessible by professional means: record what you see from a distance, follow and film yourself, orbit around you, and much more.
It gives you unprecedented possibilities to create underwater movies with your GoPro®. From scuba divers to free divers, and recreational snorkelers to spear fishers, everyone can enjoy iBubble!

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