Eye of Mine Action Cameras: GoPro Underwater WiFi-View

The exclusive Eye Of Mine Underwater WiFi-View is pretty amazing to watch. The very thin cable transmits the camera’s WiFi signal to your smartphone / tablet or laptop on land and lets you completely control your GoPro’s functionality with the GoPro App – we kid you not! Works with Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 cameras. This Underwater WiFi-View requires NO POWER. The Underwater WiFi-View is available as a double-stick add-on to your stock back door in these lengths:12′ 25′ 50′. Longer than 50 feet requires the cable to be embedded into the back door. And on the land end, you simply attached the WiFi-View sensor on the back of your smartphone or tablet and you have control of your GoPro.

Eye of Mine Action Cameras
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