DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max Underwater Touchscreen Smartphone Housing

Thanks to the patented underwater touchscreen membrane, which has taken the DIVEVOLK team many years for development, now the smartphone’s function could be fully accessed, no matter photography, videography, or even safety functions like emergency phone call and position on the sea surface, underwater texting, compass. With the help of the smartphone, users can wirelessly connect to different digital devices underwater, such as wi-fi connection to a DSLR as an underwater monitor and remote control, or Bluetooth connect with sugar blood sensor to monitor the blood sugar while diving,which helps diabetic for diving in some scenarios.

This user friendly SeaTouch 4 Max housing now is showing it’s full penitential to all its users. From the simplicity of operating a phone as an underwater videos or photos gear, to the use of movie watching during the long decompression stop from tech divers, the SeaTouch 4 Max with the smartphone would be a diving assistant to all divers.

Visit DIVEVOLK at booth #453
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