AquaLung: New Instrumentation Line

Backed by advanced design, engineering and manufacturing, Aqua Lung’s new dive instrumentation line allows divers to safely and confidently descend into their dive adventure with thoughtfully designed features that harness the power of cutting-edge dive technology.

“In the same spirit that in 1943 inspired the father of all underwater breathing devices, the CG 43 regulator, Aqua Lung continues our mission to empower discovery for all divers,” said Jeff Allsop, Global Dive Business Line Manager. “Our new collection makes simple what is complex and brings real and useable technology to all divers. As an example, we’ve engineered all of our computers to use standard batteries that can easily be replaced by the user.”

The result is a line of dive computers with thoughtful features throughout that reflect a “complex made easy” approach that allows divers to focus on adventure rather than logistics. They are easy to read in any lighting condition and easy to use with simple, intuitive interfaces and navigation. The transmitter pairs for life and the equipment has user-changeable standard batteries. The entire line of computers is compatible with DiverLog, the best in class digital log book & mobile app.

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