Professional Scuba Schools

A worldwide diver training agency whose training programs comply with RSTC and ISO standards and include recreational, technical, free diving and emergency response. PSS features one of the industry's most advanced diver training management systems.


Free Nitrox Certification Course. Includes all eLearning materials, virtual training and certification.

Offer expires on 2020-12-31!

INSTRUCTOR CROSSOVER COURSE - Instruction and Materials FREE and waived, reduced and deferred dues for 2020 and 2021. All training conducted via distance learning!

Offer expires on 2020-12-31!
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FREE DIVE MASTER CROSSOVER COURSE. Current and active Dive Masters from any RSTC agency can crossover to PSS at the same level. This provides a Dive Master with the ability to serve as a PSS certified assistant and begins the progression toward PSS Assistant Instructor and Instructor levels.

Offer expires on 2020-06-06!