Why you should consider exhibiting here–

Many of our 2016 exhibitors felt that this was the best consumer dive show of the year. Please ask them. The SCUBA Show has had an average annual attendance of over 10,000 for the last 25 years. And these divers are passionate. SCUBA Show 2017 was the show’s milestone 30th Year!



2017 Snapshot coming soon. For now, here are results from a survey conducted after the 2016 show:

  • 78% said they attended the show to see new gear.
  • 73% said that they wanted to see dive destinations.
  • 50% said they decided to purchase dive equipment as a result of the show.
  • 34% decided to travel to a specific destination as a result of the show, with 36% still considering.

Why did you decide to come to SCUBA Show 2016?
Why did you attend Scuba Show 2016

Did you decide to purchase any dive equipment as a result of the show?
Purchase gear 2016

Did you decide to travel to a specific destination as a result of the show?
Travel 2016

When was the last time you attended the SCUBA Show?
Last time you attended Scuba Show 2016


  • Base population within one-hour driving radius of the show: 17+ million.
  • Large attendance from neighboring states (AZ, NV, UT).
  • California is the largest single diving market segment in the U.S. (source: DEMA).
  • Southern California has the largest concentration of divers in the world. PADI and many major equipment manufacturers are headquartered in Southern California.
  • California divers are the most active in the country (source: PADI).
  • 151 dive retailers call California home, many of which send representatives and their customers to the show.



The SCUBA Show will be widely promoted in a number of ways:

  • SCUBA Show 2017 will be heavily advertised in California Diving News, the authority in California diving since 1984. Each issue will feature full display advertising for the SCUBA Show. Leading up to the show, the publication’s circulation will increase by 41,000 mailed copies to reach past show attendees (in addition to current readers) with the SCUBA Show insert. The insert will appear in the March, April and May editions.
  • Monthly advertising in Dive Training magazine will ensure diver interest from all over the United States
  • Promotional cross marketing to customers of diving’s agencies in California and surrounding states.
  • Postal and electronic marketing to 41,000 divers who have attended in the past.
  • Email campaign to 210,000 local prospective divers, identified as “water” people.
  • Promotion (posters, discount coupons and counter displays) in every dive retailer in California and her client states of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Washington and Oregon.
  • Promotion to the members of 65 California dive clubs.
  • Extensive digital marketing, including multiple channels of social media to target younger, more diverse attendees.
  • For 2016 we hired a public relations firm that placed us for interviews and live diving spots on three of the largest television stations in the San Diego and Los Angeles viewing areas. We will retain their services again to publicize the show in 2017.
  • In addition, aggressive advertising in local mediums (especially radio) directed at the general public to assure large attendance from the huge and affluent local population, and direct mail to households of people that fit the ‘diver profile’ to expand the show’s reach and bring in fresh faces.



Please keep in mind that previous SCUBA Shows have sold out exhibit space ahead of the show dates. SCUBA Show 2017 is also expected to sell quickly. To guarantee your participation in SCUBA Show 2017, you must have your application in early.




“This is a very exhibitor friendly show and probably is one of the reasons exhibitors want to return year after year!”
Bruce Justinen, SEASOFT SCUBA

“Good time, fun event. Staff friendly, AV technician awesome, very friendly and helpful.”
Gary Hild, L.A. County Parks & Recreation

“This was my first time exhibiting and was very pleased with attendance. We had a lot of interest and I was able to add significantly to my data base. I have already submitted my down payment for a booth next year.”
Gary Jackson, Psalty Adventures

“Each year since Mark Young has taken over management the show has increased in size and quality of attendees. I attend 4 to 5 shows a year and Long Beach is by far the best show.”
Allen Martin, Sea Robin Cozumel

“This was by far the best Long Beach Scuba Show ever. Best one of all the scuba shows that we do, including BTS. My only complaint would be that I only brought 4 employees. I needed 2x’s that amount. LOL. You guys did a great job. Sports chalet wasn’t missed. Keep up the good job. I know it can’t be easy.”
Linda Young, Prescription Dive Masks

“There was a good mix between age groups. Just about every person I talked with was a fairly dedicated SCUBA diver. Compared with other shows I’ve been to, I’d say there were more attendees overall. Saturday was nonstop with people coming by the booth, and Sunday was a little slow at times.”
Andrea Binz, iBubble Camera

“Great crowd that came to buy! Simply the best consumer show!”
Steve Lamphear, MARES

“Great mix of divers and non-divers. All seemed genuinely interested in the show.”
Charles Neal, Scuba Shack

“The attendees were a great mix of young and old. Lots of families coming by, interested in varying levels of luxury, as well as live aboard vs land based options. A great crowd showed up on Sunday which can sometimes be a slower day.”
Kevin Purdy, All Star Liveaboards

“Overall great show. More attendees and they were ready to spend money. We’ve had good followup response as well.”
Jack Connick, Optical Ocean Sales

“Only show I see many kids and teens. Reason I took info on our divemaster program. Attendees seem people engaged in the sport and appreciate the information rather than just the souvenirs.”
Jesus Reyes, Turquoise Bay Resort

“Great organization, good advertising, very impressed with the show!”
Ginny Singer, Palace Resorts

“Traffic seemed to be VERY good – lots of interest in the Women Divers Hall of Fame; our seminar was filled to near-capacity, so was thrilled beyond belief by that — as well as the people who followed up and came by the booth afterwards for more information.”
Bonnie Toth, Women Divers Hall of Fame

“Mark, you knocked it out of the park. Another excellent show, with great attendance, and interested people in what we offer. You have raised the bar for consumer tradeshows! Scuba Show is only getting better each year since you guys took over.”
Ken Scarbrough, Ultimate Dive Travel, Ltd.

“A good diversified crowed, show was full, no empty spots, good impression on attendees. Stayed strong both days!”
Bud Allen, Blue Steel Scuba


This year I needed to purchase a new BC so it was advantageous for me talk with the different reps and hear the advantages as well as shortfalls for their lineup of BCDs. After receiving their input I felt better about making a better choice of the BCD I liked with the many vendor dive stores selling them that day.

Loved the entire show. I met some great people and I’m really looking forward on traveling to some of the incredible destinations that were present.

The ability to see, touch and compare dive equipment. This is a great help in deciding which gear to buy.

The diversity of the vendors, and any booth with dive related clothing. I loved being able to talk with the helpful and informative travel representatives most importantly.

It’s a great place, great people, seeing old friends
Learning new things, seeing everything under one roof
It doesn’t get better than that!!!!
I love this show
I go every year and I wouldn’t miss it for the world

Just keep it coming. Long Beach is about 65 miles away from home but well worth the visit. I got hooked into scuba diving in 1963 and finally had to get certified in 1988 as we started to go oversea destination where they started to demand to see our certification.

We had a great time and my husband won a free regulator!

I enjoy the show, it gives me the opportunity to view products that I can only see on the internet, My local dive shop can’t stock everything and with many of the big stores closing, it is hard to view a larger selection of scuba gear and supplies. You also learn good information about different products, you have good training information.

Please continue to present the shows as we look forward to going every year!!! The only time we have missed the show is when we’ve been on a dive vacation. The Scuba Show has become our yearly family event (Now that are daughters are in their twenties and no longer home every day), the girls boyfriends have even gotten into it as well!!!!

My first show, bu won’t be my last. Made some new contacts and new dive buddies. Looking forward to next year. Thanks for putting on such a great event.

I first learned of the show while staying at Voli Voli in Fiji last year and it sounded like it would be a fun informative event. It was exactally that.

My husband and I enjoy the Scuba Show every year and hopefully will continue to go to it for many years to come.

Can’t get enough