2017 Submissions Guidelines

We are accepting Film Festival submissions for SCUBA Show 2017. Here are the guidelines:

Submit Your Dive Footage for a Chance to See it Larger Than Life at The Diving Event of the Year

It’s time to begin assembling your digital video films and digital slide show presentations for consideration for the SCUBA Show 2017 Continuous Underwater Film Festival. Submission deadline is March 30, 2017.

Unless otherwise requested, some submissions may be used on the Scuba Show website, Facebook, and YouTube channel as promotional material. Films may also be posted on the Scuba Show YouTube channel for a time after the show. Any footage used on Scuba Show channels will be posted with credit to the creator and a link to the creator’s website, YouTube or Vimeo channel, or other desired location.

*If you do not want your footage to be used outside of the Scuba Show film festival, let us know. This is by no means required, and denying use on our digital properties will in no way affect your chances of being selected.

Note: We have changed some of our guidelines so be sure to thoroughly read the information below.

Films must adhere to the following guidelines to be a candidate for screening at Scuba Show 2017:

  1. Length of the video film submission should be 3 to 25 minutes. 10 to 15 minutes is the ideal length.
  2. Please submit all films online via Dropbox, Hightail, shared privately through Vimeo, or any other secure file transfer site. If you are unable to submit your footage electronically, please contact us.
  3. Videos should not be business promotional in nature.
  4. The contents of your film must not infringe on any rights including music, footage, voice, personal and other rights. By submitting a film to Scuba Show for consideration, you are guaranteeing that you have the rights to the above.
  5. Material that has NOT been previously screened at film festivals, on the web or on television is preferred. If it has been shown elsewhere, please include a note stating where.
  6. Upon acceptance, SCUBA Show 2017 requests that no portion of the film be shown in film festivals, on the web or on television in the period of time leading up to SCUBA Show 2017.
  7. All rights revert to the owner after the screening of the video film.
  8. Content of the submission should be a minimum of 1/3 underwater with 1/2 or more preferred.

Here are some other suggestions to increase your chances for being selected:

  1. Narration is not necessary, and unless well written and spoken, often just gets in the way. Suitable background music is often appropriate but be sure you have the proper legal rights to use the music.
  2. Material should be clear, sharp, and bright. Accepted films will be screened using video projection onto a very large viewing area.
  3. We look for the unusual. Footage from unusual underwater locales or activities are favored. In the past we have shown everything from coral to kelp; man to manatees; Lake Tahoe to Truk Lagoon.

Please make your submissions no later than March 30, 2017. You may as many pieces as you wish – there is no entry fee. Please submit films in their final format (HD) if possible.

This is not a contest. Films chosen for screening are done so at the sole discretion of SCUBA Show 2017 management. Accepted films over 10 minutes in length will receive an honorarium of $50 paid for the first showing. An additional $20 will be paid for each additional showing thereafter (typically, films are shown at least twice, sometimes up to 3 times). Films under 10 minutes in length may be chosen but will receive a one-time honorarium of $30 with no additional payment for additional screenings. Information about the film will be published in an advanced edition of California Diving News, on the SCUBA Show website and in the show program.

Please send your digital submissions to mail@scubashow.com. – Email to let us know it’s on the way – mail@scubashow.com. Thank you.

Questions? Send emails to mail@scubashow.com.