Own an original work of art created by Scuba Show attendees!

Own an original work of art created by Scuba Show attendees!

This year’s Scuba Show featured a lot of artistic talent from our attendees who helped assemble the collaborative painting featured on this month’s cover.

The underwater California reef scene was divided into 414 small square chips that guest artists reproduced onto larger tile “canvases.” They used paint, glitter, crayons, pastels and pencil. The completed tiles were placed together with stunning results – a magazine cover image and an original work of art that is now available to the highest bidder, to benefit a nonprofit.

CDN August 2014 Cover

Proceeds from the sale of the original artwork will help fund marine and environmental education projects offered by the nonprofit Aquarium of the Pacific. A limited-edition series of poster-sized prints will also be available.

The starting bid on the original framed art, which measures 41″ by 53″ is $500. The purchase price includes shipping.

To bid, simply send an e-mail to mail@cadivingnews.com. Include the amount of your bid, your full name, phone number, and ship-to address. Bidding closes on September 1st.

Print ordering instructions will be available in the September issue of California Diving News and on our website.

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